Branding, and web app design for creative startup Createxplore

A platform for Hobbyists

Createxplore provides an easy way for people with creative hobbies to meet people who could use their help. Createxplore help small charities, individuals, start-ups, clubs, communities and local businesses with their real-life projects. If they need help and are willing to work with someone who isn’t a professional but loves being creative, then Createxplore is designed to introduce you to each other!

I’ve worked with Watb for nearly two years now on most aspects of Createxplore, including creating the brand imagery, the overall design of the web site and then its development. They have always been friendly and professional, flexible when I needed them to be, challenging when I needed them to be but didn’t know it, and (most importantly) shown a deep empathy for what I’m trying to do. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Jeremy Forshew
Jeremy Forshew
Founder, Createxplore

Be bold, and explore

Coming up with an identity for Createxplore was a genuine joy. We wanted to be playful, bold, and use vivid colour. 

Notice how the colour differences on images follow the same angle as the logo's characteristics. This helps enforce the 'reveal youself' concept, and allows users to recognise it as a createxplore image, without seeing the logo.

Clean, playful UI

Wanting the brand to continue throughout the project, meant keeping the user interface playful, bold and simple. All of our designs were created in Sketch, allowing us to quickly prototype ideas, making sure user journeys made sense.

What next?

Whilst Createxplore is currently a beta product, we are continuing to work with the startup across all materials as the platform grows.

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