January 7, 2015 Jonny
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As some of you already know we have moved to new offices in Nutfield, Surrey. We’d like to invite any of our clients to pop in and say hi, grab a coffee, maybe buy a birthday card for a loved one? Yes, we have those. Lifesavers. We’re proud of our new space, we somehow managed to get here in only 3 years on a pocket full of change and an idea.

We’ve also put in a few additional desks for hotdeskers, I know we’re in Surrey but we’re cheaper than a train ticket and we have a garden. You can turn up on the day, hop onto the Wifi and get going for a few hours or the whole day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


WATB_table  WATB_desk2

WATB_STool2 WATB_sofa



WATB_mirror WATB_meetingtable WATB_hut WATB_garden  WATB_chair WATB_art

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