January 22, 2016 WATB Team
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2015 was a pretty incredible year in many ways for the team at WATB – we worked on some amazing projects throughout the year with a selection of clients from across the spectrum. And from these projects and through working with these clients, we learnt so much – both as a business but also on a personal level with our own abilities and skillsets.

Our blog is our way of sharing with our audience all that we’ve learned, and we’ve really enjoyed writing content throughout the last year.

So to celebrate, below we round up our top 5 most popular articles of 2015 for you to enjoy.

picture of hand holding iphone with salted events website on screenThe mobile web sucks – Nilay Patel is right and wrong – an expert view

In a recent article on esteemed tech/lifestyle site The Verge, co-founder Nilay Patel declares that the mobile web sucks. Nilay lays blame on the mobile browser themselves, criticising poor performance, bugs and crashes. His poor experiences browsing the mobile web are reflected by all of us, and Nilay is completely correct in declaring that the mobile web sucks.

Solving problems in the work placeCreative ways to prevent & solve problems with your projects

All creative agencies depend upon exhibiting effective problem solving skills. No project is simple, and working with clients requires the design and development team to interpret the clients requests and turn them into a working solution. This inevitably leads to problems, and solving these problems is critical to delivering a project that meets the expectation of the client.

Image from Mirage Parties case studyMirage Parties – A front-end case study

The challenge we often face in this industry is to come up with a website that defies convention, whether it be in layout, function or style. With Mirage Parties our challenge was to defy all three. Collaborating closely with the design team, my job was to liaise with them throughout the concept phase, coming up with clever ideas to push the boundaries and give Mirage the site that adequately represented the incredible attention to detail that they themselves put into every party and event they do. This portrayal of high class and quality was imperative.

photo of some CSS code on a screenThe WATB Beginners Guide to CSS

CSS is the language that allows us to style the web, without it the internet would be very different. Rather than a programming language, CSS is what is correctly known as a “style sheet language”. This means it is a descriptive language that dictates to a computer how a structured document should be styled.

In this post, we thought it’d be great to explain a few basic concepts of CSS, how it works and how we use it at WATB.

vintage-ads-shavingAmusing Vintage Branding and Advertising

It’s safe to say that in modern civilised society, attitudes have changed over the last century. This is reflected quite well in advertising and branding, which has evolved to reflect society.

Looking back, we can now see that much advertising and branding promoted sexism, racism, xenophobia and ill health. Here are some great examples.

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