November 1, 2016 Peter
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Paul has been working in the industry for over 13 years as a Designer, Developer and Creative Director with a broad range of client experience from huge global brands to smaller independent companies.

He absolutely loves what he does and following an ongoing relationship with us at WATB, we knew we wanted to get Paul on board to add value to our processes and client offerings.

Paul loves getting involved in all aspects of a project from conception, creative and code to the larger strategy surrounding a brand or products growth and lasting success. UX, marketing, social – it’s all part and parcel in getting to a clients goals.

“I’m excited to bring the experience and skills I have to WATB and their clients. With a brilliant range in the WATB client portfolio and an exceptional growth mindset for themselves and the people they work with, I see good things approaching fast.”

When Paul is not at work he is getting inspired by his family, attempting to learn another musical instrument, reading a children’s book or otherwise generally loving being Dad.

If you are a current WATB client or client-to-be, we are sure Paul will have an influence on the services provided here at WATB.

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