November 9, 2016 Peter
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Jess grew up not far from the WATB HQ in leafy Surrey. Then, as the spirited adventurer she is, decided to get as far away as possible and ended up in Queenstown, New Zealand!

When asked why she moved so far away, Jess said, “I came to New Zealand to enjoy the ‘magestical’ scenery, climb mountains and enjoy the friendly Kiwi lifestyle; chur bro!” We’re not sure what “chur bro” means but what we do know is that Jess is a great asset to WATB and WATB’s clients, as the Social Media expert.

Jess first got into social media when she was a teenage Bebo obsessive but turned it into a profession several years ago when working for a PR firm in Dorking, Surrey. Twitter is her favourite platform, but don’t let Facebook know that!


Meet Hero – the cute pup Jess gets to look after every week

Since working for that PR firm, Jess quickly found herself getting interest from other businesses who had heard about her many talents in managing social media accounts. New clients would find her through word of mouth, which is a huge testament to her enjoyment and passion for the role as a freelancer social media manager. She has found herself with a job that she loves which allows her to do what she loves most – travel the world. As a result, Jess has now worked for an impressive portfolio of companies in the UK, San Diego, Australia and New Zealand across a range of social media platforms.

There is no better way to showcase your brand and its personality on such a scale than on social media. Creating new content on a daily basis is a challenge that suits Jess perfectly who has described her brain to work in a ‘think, do, move on’ way.

Some of Jess’s interests include; hashtags, smuggling jars of Marmite to New Zealand, ecstatic dancing, making friends with strangers, making Kombucha, hot yoga, searching ‘incognito’ for cheap airfares, drinking masses of loose leaf tea, buying second hand clothes from backpackers, organising themed dinner parties, 90s song lyrics and soaking chia seeds. Phew!

Impressively, Jess is also a part of the NZ Red Cross Disaster & Welfare Support Team. So, if there is an earthquake, Jess will be deployed to help!

Social media is the fastest growing of all digital marketing tactics and offers a fantastic way for business owners to stay in touch and market to their customers. If you think you may benefit from your social media being expertly moulded and grown, or have recently had an earthquake and need someone to come to your rescue, give us a shout.

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