January 28, 2016 WATB Team
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Over the last few months we started introducing digital marketing into our service offering. We felt that the design and build of a website was really only part of a larger process, and that many clients once they had their new site didn’t know how best to market and promote their business. A website is an invaluable tool for any company or brand but if you can’t drive traffic to your site, it won’t achieve much. This is how to do SEO.

SEO itself has a reputation as being a bit of a dark art. But we need to understand this area in order to market online effectively. It’s through SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) that we’re able to drive traffic through to a website.

So how do we SEO at WATB? Below is a very basic run through of some of the tasks we perform – it certainly isn’t comprehensive and is definitely not gospel. And as we are predominantly a creative agency, we tend to tweak and adapt this process on the fly. We also love to express our creativity throughout the campaign.

First, we need to understand the business

We can’t help market a product or service we don’t understand, so our first step is always to research the industry and gain a better understanding. We’ll look at competitors and their marketing methods, analyse the existing website and research any news or trending topics.

Next, we audit the site

We’ll run through the site with a fine toothed comb, looking for any issues that may affect its ability to rank well. We’ll audit the content too, checking that it’s written well and structured correctly. We then fix any problems we encounter.

Let’s look at keywords

Ok – so now we need to decide with the client what keywords we want to target. What do we want to rank for? This isn’t as simple as plucking out the most obvious. We usually start off with keywords that describe the business, and we then use various tools to generate keyword ideas. We look at the competition and search volumes of our ideas, and look for opportunities.

Get your pen and paper out…

…Because now we need to start thinking about creating content. From our keywords we can generate topic ideas. We can combine these ideas with different types of content – for example videos, blog articles, pictures, walk-throughs and white papers. Check out our creative content.

Start publishing and promoting

Once we have created our content and optimised it for a keyword, we publish it and then spread the content around social media. We target key influencers – these are individuals on social media who have a high profile within a particular industry. As the content gets picked up on social networks, so will Google start to take notice.

Create, Promote, Rave, Repeat

Ok – you probably aren’t into raving but if you are then when your content starts ranking your site across Google, a boogey on down would probably be a fair reaction.

This really is just a small part of a much bigger process. It isn’t always successful, but as a method of ranking content for longer tail keywords, it can work really well.

We love to keep an open mind to our ideas and you might have a better suggestion. We’re hiring for the position of SEO Executive – so if you think you know better, apply for the role and prove it.

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