August 31, 2015 Jonny
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Polaroid Wall Ideas

The suggestions:

We come up with an array of different ideas to enhance the office look and reflect our overall work/fun balance on a daily basis. Albeit, some of these ideas can’t be developed due to cost, practicality or time, the creativity and vision of them is something to be admired.

The team have suggested huge flat screen monitors hanging from the ceiling to monitor real time social media, as well as giant cut out cardboard pictures of our faces and horses (not sure the reasons behind this one, but it was shut down immediately; rightly so).

The idea:

Although most ideas are dismissed before they can become a reality, we recently had one absolutely brilliant idea to create an ‘Instagram Polaroid Wall’, which quite naturally reflected how we like to share the life of WATB. We love taking photos and sharing the design, developing and marketing work we do. We also take photos of our lovely clients and our daily ongoings (check them all out on our Instagram here if you haven’t already).11951086_10156035992225037_777494552_n (2)

To showcase this aspect of WATB best, we came up with the idea to simply print out these photos onto a Polaroid style template and then hang them on a feature wall – we’ve chosen the first wall you see as you walk into our office.

The theory:

Engaging with our clients is an important part of what we do and this wall will do exactly that; engage with them. Having the photos on the entrance wall will not only allow clients to see it immediately, but it will enable them to really check out the photos and read the captions.

11922994_10156035992525037_810824788_n (2)

The concept:

The wall not only reflects our brand values and ideologies, but it also adds to the quirkiness of our office. The concept is essentially a revamped version of hanging certificates or testimonials from clients you’ve worked with on the wall. This alternative way to relate to clients displays our fun side and reflects our brand, enhancing the clients experience with us as the Instagram Polaroid wall acts as a quick visual snippet into what WATB are, do and can offer them.

How it works:

Template   Brown line

Using a standard size photo paper (6×4) made this an easy task. We knew the paper would work with the printer and we knew the paper would be cheap. We knocked out a template in Adobe Indesign that mimicked a Polaroid so we could batch print a bunch of photos at one time. We did this by creating a 86x98mm picture frame 8mm from the left and top, which roughly gave us a good size. From there, we’ve just been dropping in photos at will.

11920408_10156035991730037_1329198988_n (2)

The effect:

An amazing, interesting and fun feature wall that tells your company stories in an engaging way; fun for both us and clients as we continue to add to the wall.

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