What does WATB stand for?

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Many, many people often ask us what WATB stands for. The official line is as follows:

WATB can stand for whatever you wish it to.

Originally, the acronym came about when a group of friends were enjoying a casual Friday night session of Pro Evo on the Xbox (we are keen gamers). After picking up the controller, one of the friends queried, “what are the buttons?”

Quite why, to this day, we cannot say but this became a bit of a joke and when we started the company we used “what are the buttons” as our company name. It seemed kooky and a bit different from your usual, but after a while the funny side of explaining the story to people who called up and heard “Hi, what are the buttons” wore off so we chopped it down to WATB.

Now WATB stands for almost anything. Here are some of its meanings:

  • We Are The Boys
  • Walnuts Are The Best
  • Why Audio Tastes Better
  • When Apps Tickle Back
  • What Are The Badgers?
  • Wine And Tasty Bites
  • Wacky And Tantalising Biscuits
  • Where Are The Beans?
  • We Always Talk Back
  • When Aptitude Tastes Bad
  • Wobbly And Terrible Bass
  • When Ants Turn Big
  • Wagyu Amorous Tender Beef
  • Wonky Artificial Totally Bankrupt
  • Winning At Technical Banter
  • Who Ate The Baboons?
  • Wallabies Are Tempestuous Bastards
  • Wallabies Approach Termites Bravely

If you have any funny ideas for what WATB stands for, please comment below and who knows, maybe we’ll make a nice video for you featuring your acronym!

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