The first International coffee day got arty.

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Jonny Pathan
top down cup of Coffee

The first International coffee day has filled out twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds with countless pictures of coffee. We noticed there was a design element to these coffee pictures.. here are a few!

1. Recreating peoples faces with the delicious frothy milky foam on top of the classic Cappuccino…

Example: Classical music, opera and dance site Bashtrack captured Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s face in a cappuccino and suggested ‘Or should that be Tchaikoffee…? for #InternationalCoffeeDay.’


2. 3D coffee art popped up on our social media feeds. (Couldn’t avoid the bad pun!)

Example: Creative Blog shared this adorable cat jumping out of one coffee and into another coffee full of fish.

3D Coffee using the foam to create a cat

3. Hula Hoops with Coffee… we’re skeptical.

Example: The Poke, a website sharing the funniest videos, pictures and news on the web shared this little tip: ‘Add two Hula Hoops to your coffee and hey presto – you get an owl!’

The image of an Owl's face starring back from inside a Coffee  mug

4. Coffee with a view…

Example: Our very own coffee at our desk, a latte fueling us through the working day.

Latte on a desk

Hope you liked these selection of arty designed coffees. We hope International Coffee Day continues next year for another excuse to drink coffee and look at pretty cool pictures of them all day.

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