My Summer at WATB

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Watb Team
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Hello! Firstly, let me introduce myself: my name is Leanne and I am currently doing some work experience here with the friendly people at WATB.

I got in touch with WATB in May, seeking some relevant experience in web and graphic design, which was followed by a very welcoming interview. Having just finished my first year at the University of Kent studying Digital Arts, I am now lucky enough to be carrying out a placement here two days a week throughout the summer.

Already, I am feeling so much more confident in my work. For starters, I have learned a lot about graphic design that I didn’t know before – from learning new shortcuts and tools in the Adobe Creative Suite, to being taught, in detail, the difference between print and web. I have surprised myself by designing and coding a website (something I wasn’t 100% confident in before), whilst growing and expanding my knowledge of HTML and CSS. I have even been able to put my illustration skills to good use.

As you can see, I have already gained so much experience here at WATB. Learning about the principals of design in a lecture hall is one thing, but learning from people who are actually working with real clients in a working environment is a totally different and invaluable experience. I feel like I’ve learned more here about design and working in the industry in a month than I have in my entire first year of university (I say with the hope that my lecturers don’t see this)!

Not only all of the above, but everyone at the company is super friendly and willing to take time out to help me with problems and teach me new things. There is also a lot more tea involved in my day (which is always a good thing), and a great café just downstairs where we go for lunch.

In short, I’m having a great summer working here, and will be going back to university in September with a fresh, improved outlook on design and an impressive new section under ‘experience’ on my CV.

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