‘My First Week at WATB couldn’t have been more jam-packed.’

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It’s my first week here at the amusing WATB office as their new Junior Marketing Officer, and the team have definitely been that: amusing.

The team have managed to pack in their full blown quirkiness in just one week, whilst also displaying their unique and refreshing work ethic. They work hard, putting as much care and attention in to each client’s project as the last, yet they still manage to balance this encouraging work ethic with simply having fun with what they do

Some of the Watb Team in a meeting

I’ll run through a few things that have definitely been amusing to watch so far, here’s hoping they come across as comical as they were in reality.

There was furniture moving at the beginning of the week, which essentially resulted in nothing much changing however, a white board did get hung up, so not a complete fail. Turning coat stands into tripods. Yes you read that correctly. We tried to shoot some office photos, and didn’t want to leave anybody out, so we used the coat stand (with a gorilla pod) as the tripod. It worked pretty well

Watb Coat Stand with Camera mounted on it

There has been plenty of banter, bets and quizzes between the team, something that continues throughout the working day. Each bet and banterous line seems to have a back-story and the team are eager to fill me in on these comical stories that tell the WATB history. These stories are rather endearing and definitely amusing (that word again), revealing something new about the team and company each time. Without my knowledge I had been involved in one of these playful bets regarding my arrival, although one of them was quite keen to let me in on what the bet was once they realised they had won. Essentially they were debating whether I would want two screens or one to work with. The answer was one, which resulted in one team player (the loser) being made the tea boy. This however is part of a much bigger game relating to tea that I am still trying to learn the rules of.

Tea Coaster

Although the team pack in a hefty amount of fun into the day, again like I said, their ethos to work hard for each individual client is of paramount importance to them, and something I have definitely loved becoming part off.  I was able to get stuck in to the job role, organising an overview for a specific company’s marketing plan, and was given the opportunity to run through this in a meeting with said client. Talk about getting chucked in at the deep end (but something that I have craved in a job since graduating from University). It has definitely been a challenging week, focusing on how to best achieve the client’s objectives, but the team have been supportive throughout, setting up help documents and willing to answer any question I have.

Their caring, amusing and hardworking ethic has kicked off my new job with a bang, increasing my excitement for the new challenges and rewarding work I will be getting involved with, working with the enthusiastic, amusing and lovely WATB team.

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