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As you are probably aware, on the 29th of July Windows 10 will be released to the world, and with it comes an entirely new browser called “Edge”. Edge is completely new, so it isn’t the same browser as Internet Explorer which has adorned Windows computers for many years. All Windows 7 and 8 users are also eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10, which means in the next few months we can expect millions of users to start using Edge.

Your site may not work as expected in Edge

Because Edge is an entirely new browser, it means we have another browser to account for. It also means, potentially, that there may be some aspects of your website that do not work correctly or as intended.

Peace of Mind

Not having to worry about whether or not your site works correctly in Edge gives you the peace of mind that when Windows users transition across to Windows 10 that your business will not be affected.

That’s why we are offering all our clients an Edge Audit. This audit involves:

  • Rigorously testing your website in the latest version of Edge
  • A bug report (any problems identified)
  • A procedure for fixing the bugs (including estimated time frames)

You will receive

A full site audit document containing the results of the tests, all the reported bugs and the bug fixing procedure.


After the Audit

Should the audit uncover any problems with your website in Edge, we’ll detail in the report exactly what issues arose, how we would fix them and we’ll quote you. It’s then up to you whether or not to proceed and fix the problems.

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