October 21, 2014 WATB Team
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It’s safe to say that in modern civilised society, attitudes have changed over the last century. This is reflected quite well in advertising and branding, which has evolved to reflect society.

Here are some of our favourite Amusing Vintage Branding Examples:

weird-creepy-ads-220-400x526Looking back, we can now see that much advertising and branding promoted sexism, racism, xenophobia and ill health. Here are some great examples.


Ah, smoking. Once the habit of the cool and famous, these days most are aware that smoking poses danger to your health. Whereas it was previously glamorised, and as here, even touted as offering health benefits, these days cigarette advertising is much less prominent and low key.


This advert for a razor blade aims to illustrate that even on the softest of skin the blade will be comfortable and not cause irritation or cuts. These days however, famous sports stars are the choice of model instead of infants. Probably a sensible decision.


Showing off their colourful ties,Van Heusen chose an illustration of a woman kneeling beside a mans bed serving breakfast for their advert. Which is both sexist and incredibly derogatory. Thankfully, we’ve moved on from these attitudes.


Another cigarette advert, this seems to imply improved fitness and vitality if you choose this brand. The text then goes on to claim they cause less irritation to the throat. Those seem quite different…

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