April 19, 2017 Graham
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BrightonSEO is a gathering of some of the freshest and most innovative new ideas in the digital marketing space. It’s grown to become a bi-annual conference that attracts thousands of marketers that come to devour the latest trends (and hipster craft beer) – move aside Comic Con, BrightonSEO is where the digital superheroes come to stir things up.

There’s always a rafter of experienced names giving presentations and workshops, so naturally some of the most inventive perspectives on everything and anything to do with SEO are thrown around here and chatted about.

So, where else but BrightonSEO (and Watb, of course!) to have a gander at some of the most interesting new trends in digital marketing.

Voice Search continues to grow in importance

Raj Nijjer gave a great talk about the future of search and as the whole host of digital assistants like Siri and the gang are encouraging more and more consumers to use voice search. One mind-blowing stat was that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice searches, so it’s super important that marketers prepare and implement voice search friendly SEO.  Another key takeaway was that voice search is fuelled by Google’s Knowledge Graph, so ensuring that your sites are optimized KG means you’ll show up when consumers use voice search. You simply won’t show up if you’re not.

Basically, the search landscape is moving incredibly fast and being driven by younger consumers.

Clean up your Content Strategy

Less is more and the same can be said for creating quality content. Marcus Tober spoke about having a more acute focus on churning out high-quality content and how this approach leads to increased visibility. Too much sub-standard content will mean your brand reaches peak-content.

You should also concentrate on cleaning up your older content and updating it too, like looking at your Crawl Internal Errors section on Search Console for content opportunities. Having more of an emphasis on your area of specialism and less generalised content means that search engines will understand your sites better. Changing how you structure and label your content makes a difference too.

Building high-quality links without spending loads of money

Linkbuilding has changed a lot over the last few years, but the aim continues to be to boost a website’s authority and improve search results. Sam Charles came up with a few tips for incentivising bloggers, so you don’t have to break the bank with your outreach and can still create quality links.

  • Promote links/brand through social media
  • Keep outreach emails short and concise
  • Target bloggers with press pages and personalise your pitches
  • Make your content and expertise an incentive for bloggers, instead of money

Communicating Data

Making the most of your data is an on-going task and Tony Lu’s talked about the importance of real-time dashboards in decision-making.  He spoke about how you need to ensure you’re getting an accurate brief from your client so that you can make sure you’re giving them the most relevant information.

Keeping it simple is key though, as clients simply don’t have the time to work through reams of data. Wireframing reports, so you can make them as user-friendly as possible for a client is recommended. Only concentrate on agreed, high-priority KPIs to make your data reporting as streamlined as possible.

Growing Traffic with a Lean Approach

Samantha Auchterlonie from Skyscanner gave a good talk on using the Lean Principle (our fave) to roll out new ideas in-house in order to grow traffic. Samantha echoed the LP ideas that we use like rolling out Minimal Viable Products, so you can experiment with a basic product or service, gain feedback and make it even more suited to a consumer. It’s about finding the shortest route that enables you to begin testing put ideas on a more practical level. And ultimately, starting small and building from there. The perfect option isn’t usually available straight away.

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