June 19, 2015 WATB Team
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I’m absolutely delighted to report that our first meet up at Oldpost, 418:conf, was a success. A front-end and web design orientated mini-conference, 418 was thoroughly enjoyed by all – speakers and attendees alike. The feedback was fantastic, with most attendees complimenting the excellent talks by Laura Kalbag and Paul Mist whilst also reserving praise for the venue.

This was my first time running such an event and it was an engaging, challenging and memorable experience. I successfully managed to overcome a drastic lack of sponsorship as well as a few technical problems that potentially threatened the event.

Below is a selection of images from the first ever 418:conf. The next is already scheduled for 22nd September and we hope you will join us.

A Surrey First Front-End Meet Up – In Pictures

418_060615_-7865 418_060615_-7874 418_060615_-7884 418_060615_-7904 418_060615_-7913 418_060615_-7914 418_060615_-7863

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